Segfault Xvideo Dino Crisis 2 pcsxr-18FEB2017

Feb 18 at 9:21 PM
Edited Feb 19 at 12:55 AM
Hello Everyone,

I keep getting a segfault when using xvideo with Dino Crisis 2 while walking around. Also notice the pcsxr titlebar icon is
not there anymore.

Here is a bt.
Feb 19 at 9:07 AM
Memory card save?
2018? :)
Feb 19 at 9:51 AM
Edited Feb 19 at 10:05 AM
Hello Edgbla,

With the memory card it segfaults as some as i try to load the game.

Memory Card.

Fixed. lol:)
Feb 19 at 5:01 PM
Feb 19 at 6:07 PM
Edited Feb 19 at 6:23 PM
Hello Edgbla,

I saw the video. I was using the HLE-Bios so i switched to the psxbios. As soon as the psx bios runs it segfaults. I compiled pcsxr with cmake 3.7.2

cmake .

What were your configure options?

BTW: I'm running Slackware 14.2 on Nvidia Geforce 430GT.

Here is a video 6mb of the issue.
Feb 19 at 6:23 PM
spu plugin?
Feb 19 at 6:43 PM
Hello Edgbla,

I tried both the sdl and openal sound plugins. Also i want to mention that the game loads up fine if i change to the opengl video plugin.
Feb 19 at 7:14 PM
I don't know.
Damaged bios file?
Damaged cd image?
Feb 19 at 7:36 PM
Edited Feb 19 at 8:22 PM
Ok thanks for the help. I guess it must be something with my system.

BTW: For anyone else that may have the same problem i compiled a xvideo plugin from pcsxr-11NOV2016 which seems
to work fine with the newer versions of pcsxr. You can find it here
Feb 20 at 1:31 PM
PM disabled?
Feb 20 at 1:58 PM
Edited Feb 20 at 2:14 PM
Hello Edgbla,

provably i don't get many pm. You can try on ngemu and see if you can start a conversation.