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Profiles for each Game Idea

Jun 13, 2011 at 5:39 PM
Edited Jun 14, 2011 at 9:05 PM

English ( Using Google Translation ) :

Well first of all I want to tell you that I always use the 

I wish I could, to have "profiles" for each game and  that profile reads the configuration automatically ( Plugins and Configuration for plugin by each game ) to So I think we can use the CD identification games "PlayStion 1" for example, the following games: 

Profile 3D Games: 
Spanish PAL Metal Gear Solid CD1: SLES01734 
Spanish PAL Metal Gear Solid CD2: SLES11734 
Metal Gear Solid VR Mission NTSC Inglés: SLUS00957 

Spanish PAL Final Fantasy 9 CD1: SLES02969 
Final Fantasy 9 PAL Spanish CD2: SLES12969 
Final Fantasy 9 PAL Spanish CD3: SLES22969 
Final Fantasy 9 PAL Spanish CD4: SLES32969 

2D Games Profile: 
Valkyrie Profile CD1 NTSC Inglés: SLUS01156 
Valkyrie Profile CD2 NTSC Inglés: SLUS01156 

Megaman 8: SLUS00453 
PAL Grandia CD1: SLES02397 
PAL Grandia CD2: SLES12397 

SLES = PAL Game 
SCUs = NTSC-J Game 

But I think the idea would allow the user to create the "PROFILES" SLES, SCUs, SLUS, etc ... and only assign 
the number for the game ( User Plugin Configuration - To Optimize emulation use with the hardware limits ), and when this beginning, which read ID (SLES, SLUS, SCUs) and so load the configuration for that game when Emulation start ? 

Jun 18, 2011 at 1:07 AM
Edited Jun 18, 2011 at 1:11 AM

I've been working on something like this for a while now, my idea is to create a gameindex or a database, like the one used in pcsx2 (, and apply patches/fixes in the same way. The database could be built from or from Redump would also help in verifying a game dump and ensuring that it wasn't corrupt. On a side note i made a mirror of this project on google code in the hope that the dev's will make the move there, check it out and let me know what you think ( Edgbla/Weimingzhi i'll remove it if you want me to but please make the move to googlecode, its so much better.

Jun 18, 2011 at 9:44 PM

I don't see any reason in profiles or patches, don't waste your time, it's usually easier and faster to fix the problem.
I don't have any plans to move the repository at this moment.

Jun 18, 2011 at 10:51 PM

I think its better idea , make profiles , for GameDiscs / ISOS , because in some Games , its not the same configuration .

I ever configure : 

Bios : scph1000 for NTSC-J Games , scph1001 for NTSC-U Games , and scph7502 for European Games

And when dont work , i use "Simulate PSX Bios"


I use for examples this 2 Configurations


1 - Breath Of Fire 3 NTSC :

BIOS : Simulate PSX Bios ( with the another 3 Bios the game dont run with PCSX-R SVN Version )

Video Plugin : Xvideo Driver 1.1.17 Configuration of this Plugin [

Initial Window Size : 1024x768 FullScreen

Stretching: 1: 2xSai

Dithering : 1 : Game Dependant

Mantain 4:3 Aspecta Ratio ( Disabled )


Show FPS - Diabled

Enable Frame Skipping - Disabled

Set FPS 60 - AutoDetect FPS Limit - Enable

Use Game Fixed - Disabled


Sound Plugin : SDL Plugin 1.6.0 - Config :

Volume : Medium ( If i select Loud or Loudest when i use Magic Skills i have horrible Distorcioned voices )

Reverb : PlayStation

Interpolation : Gaussian



For Resident Evil 3 PAL :

BIOS : scph7502 ( If i use "Simulate PSX Bios i have Green Glith in the right of screen )

Video Plugin : OpenGL Driver 1.1.78 - Config :

1024x768 Dithering

Use FPS Limit / FPS Limit Autodetection 

Use OpenGL Extensions

Screen Smooting


Quality : 3: 8888 - Best Colors , more ram needed

Filtering : 2 - No black Borders


Offscreen Drawning : 3: Enhanced - Show more Stuff

Framebuffer Textures : Emulated VRAM - Need FVP

Framebuffer Access : Emulated VRAM - ok most Times

Mask Bit Detection & Alpha MultiPass


I should change this config for each Games :

But ever with 2D Games i use "Xvideo" & with 3D Games i use "OpenGL" but especially in 3D Games , the configurations , i must change , for a more better emulation without errors and glitches in Games like :

Soul Reaver , Metal Gear Solid , Alone in the Dark : The New Nightware , Final Fantasy 7/8/9 ( This Three configure for me are different for each FinalFantasy ) , Resident Evil 1/2/3 ( Are Diferents configs with OpenGL Video Plugin ) .


Because of this , i think its better idea , to add somethine like "Profiles" for each Game , when i can select : BIOS , Plugins , If i use "CD" or "ISO" & Memory Card and configuration for each Plugin , with selected Game Profile. i think i can use the area , below toolbar , and put something like "Profiles List" or something like that , or "Profile Cover List".