Blazing dragons skipping

I am attempting to play Blazing Dragons, for the most part it functions like It is suppose to however it keeps skipping passed all the audio segments automatically. is there a function or setting t...

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Keystrokes Not Recognized

Hi there! I recently installed PCSX-Reloaded on my Mac (OS 10.12.5). Unfortunately, when I open up the plugins to customize my keys, my keystrokes aren't being recognized. It seems to be an issu...

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CD-ROM plugin not working

Installed edge pcsxr from Ubuntu daily build PPA, hit this bug. Got fed up with Ubuntu and installed Arch Linux as a result of this, and then tried installing both pcsxr-git from Arch AUR, and bui...

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Solid black water / no transparency

Absolutely ANY version of Tomb Raider 2 with ANY version of PCSX-R is unplayable because when the playable figure enters the water it disappears and cannot be seen. The water itself does not have t...

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Not working AT ALL on ubuntu 14 LTS

Upon trying to load an .img or .iso file, the program encounters and error and shuts down completely.

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The OpenGL plugin ( is broken in Heart of Darkness.

Hello again, like the title say, Heart of Darkness is broken or need a very specific configuration to work in the OpenGL plugin. By the way, what can I call it, pcsxr show "OpenGL 1.1.78", but in ...

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XVideo 1.1.17 doen't support AccelMethod GLAMOR in Gallium drivers.

Hello there, the current git version of pcsxr report this message in machines using 'Option "AccelMethod" "glamor"' on xorg.conf: RGB or YUV not available for this adapter. See xvinfo. Quitting. x...

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Vagrant Story (PAL) (Spanish) [SLES-02754] UnBooteable

Hi there, i am trying to Play "Vagrant Story (PAL) (Europe) (Spanish Translation) [SLES-02754] But this version is unbooteable. Because in the Screen of after "Square" show "Now Loading..." and ...

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Pcsxr Git Vs Pcsxr Stable & Some dunnos

Hi there Resume : 1 - Git Version Compile, Install & Trying use Xvideo Plugin -> Fail 2 - Delete the before git version, Download, Compile, Install & use the Xvideo -> Works 3 - Some games had...

Id #12412 | Release: None | Updated: Feb 12 at 11:46 PM by inukaze | Created: Jan 24 at 10:59 PM by inukaze

Monster Rancher 2 Shrine Issue

-PCSX-R version 1.9.92 (downloaded via apt-get from the official Ubuntu repo) -XVideo Driver v1.1.17 -SDL Sound 1.6.0 -CD-ROM Drive Reader 1.0.0 -BIOS: SCPH1001 -OS: Ubuntu 16.04 x64 So, whe...

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