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Solid black water / no transparency


Absolutely ANY version of Tomb Raider 2 with ANY version of PCSX-R is unplayable because when the playable figure enters the water it disappears and cannot be seen. The water itself does not have the transparency it should have and is solid black. This makes the game unplayable.

Sometimes the water in the first level MAY actually be transparent and no problem appears BUT as soon as the next level starts, in Venice, the canal water IS solid black and again and it is unplayable.

This issue has been reported many times in the past but no resolution has been made, in fact user Solis recently closed 3 separate issues of this problem without resolving any of them, nor did he provide any information for users as to how to resolve the problem, him/herself writing that the problem had actually been resolved although in actual fact it has not. The problem still exists so I am reporting it again. Please provide a new version of the PCSX-R software and indication of how we users can move forward with this issue. Thanks.


Solis wrote Mar 20 at 5:16 AM

Hello Bighill,

1.The black water issue was fixed after pcsxr-1.9.93 came out.

2.If you look at the link below you will see the original poster(pinumbernumber) states it was fixed pcsxr-Sep 27, 2013.

3.The image below is an from pcsxr-11NOV2016.


4.There is no need for multiple post of the same issue.

Solis wrote Mar 20 at 6:07 AM

Hello Bigghill,

This from the mark001 who had the black water issue.

mark001 wrote Jan 27, 2016 at 8:19 AM
I just compiled and installed version 97809; It has version 1.9.95 now instead of 1.9.93; I tested it so :

tr2 - water is transparent (tested on levels 0,1)tr4 - game saves/loads oktr5 - controllers work (forgot to mention tr5 has "buttons disabled effect" on version 1.9.93);

So seems pretty fine;

p.s. But for some reason silenthill cannot start :P Version 1.9.93 has same silenthill non-start issues... Is there a configuration workaround for this game? Please give me a tip

So I, Mark001 and Pinumbernumber don't have the issue. Maybe this is just an issue on macs or may be it's a problem with your video card.

bigghill wrote Mar 24 at 2:58 PM

OK so it seems a fix is there in an uncompiled version, which means that it is outside of my reach. I do not have any facility to compile. I am using an Apple iMac computer running version 10.9.5 of Mac OS. Please could you kindly either:

a) Issue a compiled version of PCSX-Reloaded that includes the bug fix that will run on my OS

b) Provide step by step details of how to compile PCSX-Reloaded for Mac OS using an iMac running Mac OS. I do not have access to a computer running any other operating system.


Solis wrote Mar 24 at 3:56 PM

Hello Bigghill,

I don't have access to a mac so i can't compile one for you. Try asking MaddTheSane if he can compile
the latest version for you or tell you how to compile pcsxr on xcode.

If you can't get a hold of him you can try pcsxr-95719 from here and see if that works.

Solis wrote Mar 24 at 4:21 PM

Hello Bigghill,

Also forgot to mention not to use your old tomb raider 2 save state otherwise you will have the black water issue.

bigghill wrote Mar 24 at 7:03 PM

Great, thanks Solis.

I tested with TR2 v1.2 and on the loading screen for the first level using pcsxr-95719-macosx it stalled permanently with the indicator bar at approx 1/3, however it did load properly with pcsxr-93874-macosx, and upon testing the first two levels, the black water bug was fixed.

I then got hold of TR2 v1.3 and found that that loads correctly on pcsxr-95719-macosx and is black water bug free too.

Thanks again for your invaluable help.

Solis wrote Mar 24 at 10:31 PM

Hello Bigghill,

Your Welcome! :). pcsxr-95719 is from 2015. pcsxr-1.9.93 is from 2013.

Solis wrote Mar 27 at 9:24 PM

Hello Bigghill,

This how to compile pcsxr on mac at least it was for 2015. Don't know if that changed.

To build on Mac OS X, you will need Mac OS X 10.9 or later, with Xcode 6.1 or later. You will also need a version of the SDL2 framework installed in /Library/Frameworks/. Double-click Pcsxr.xcodeproj or Pcsxr.xcworkspace in the macosx subfolder, select Archive from the Project menu. After the build is finished, the Organizer window will pop up. Click the export button, then select either "signed Application" or just application.

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