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Incorrect rendering of objects due to depth

Dec 11, 2009 at 11:09 PM

Hey, I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 x64, and am having a 3d glitch when trying to run Crash Bandicoot 3, where objects that should be hidden behind something are instead rendered in front, this makes some levels unplayable. I have fiddled with the 3d options for quite a while, none appeared to solve the problem.

There seems to be only minor depth problems when it's 3d overlaying 3d, however it seems to get it wrong quite a bit with 2d backgrounds and sprites being rendered in front of the 3d characters, or vice versa.

I run a core 2 duo laptop, with an 8400M GS

I'm grateful for any help, and if I can, I'll attach a screenshot showing an example.