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Multidisc .pbp file support

Jul 5, 2015 at 6:30 PM
Edited Jul 5, 2015 at 8:04 PM
Apparently, although the project supports pbp, you can't actually choose the internal iso to use when selecting a pbp file in the 'Switch ISO' option.

This is probably because it's always selecting the first. I looked at the libpcsxcore/cdriso.c:handlepbp function and i frankly don't understand it, but it looks like since it takes no parameter besides the filename, either it's building a index array of all the underlying img files inside the pbp or selecting a 'default one' or both.

Therefore if it's both, there is a user facing operation missing, where the user can ask to select another internal iso instead of always the default (first i think).

As for GUI, i'd prefer if instead of overloading the 'Switch ISO' for pbp files adding a multiselect entry (like the save state entry below) that is only enabled for .pbp where you could choose any of the multiple imgs inside the pbp as 'selected'.
This would allow either changing the file itself (if someone is using multiple formats per multidisc game or segmented multiple disc pbps for some reason) or just choosing another image in the same pbp file.

Or you could be lazy and have a specialized popup in addition (after selecting the pbp on the 'Switch ISO') or replacing the filechooser (if you don't care about multiple format segmentation with pbp).
I'd prefer the first option for obvious reasons.

Notice that epsxe has a popup, and it only works in windows (so in practice the result is the same in linux).