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Spyro 2 question

Apr 14, 2015 at 6:56 PM
Not sure if this should be in issues, but anyway...

Short version: Is spyro 2 compatible with Pcsxr? using pcsxr 1.9 <mar 9 2015> with bios

Long version:
Ok, I've been fighting with this game for like a week now
i know it's copy protected and I've tried .SBI files both from redump and made my own with P.E.Op.S CDR plugin; none work, i can get CTR working no problem using sbi files (also both from redump and my own) but spyro 2, nothing. (It crashes after the Idol Springs intro cut scene)

So today i tried to use a .ppf file with spyro 2. First i tried useing it with the peops plugin ppf option but that didn't work either, then i used the ppf-o-matic and applied the patch to the game, no luck that way either...

now, yesterday i just tried spyro 2 with epsxe and the same two sbi files, and they both work. (did not try with the ppf file, no need since sbi's work)

So the question is now, is spyro 2 compatible with Pcsxr? or am i doing something completely wrong? (i wanna play it with the Widescreen mode, something that epsxe doesn't support)

If you need more info or screens let me know.