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newbie with a 5k mac and tons of retro games

Nov 22, 2014 at 9:12 PM
Hi all firstly let me apologize for my lack of knowledge in emulation and computing in general. I've recently purchased a 5k Mac and was wondering if there is any software that would run the 3000 or so games i have stockpiled over the years across many different platforms. I'm lead to believe that the likes of Amiga, Nes, Snes and genesis are easy enough but what about Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Psone and Ps2??? obviously because I'm on this forum I'd like to discuss the compatibility of the pcsx reloaded and the 5kMac. I need to make some room and put all those games and consoles into storage. Thanks in advance :)
Nov 23, 2014 at 10:30 PM
If an app isn't optimized for Retina-display Macs, at worse it will appear as pixel-doubled. Pixel-doubling on the whole app (including UI elements like text) will only happen on older games written for older APIs.

That said, I have not had time to look over the GPU plug-ins on PCSX-R to see how well they perform in Retina, mostly because I don't have a Mac with a Retina display.