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Multiple configurations

Nov 21, 2014 at 5:11 AM
Edited Nov 21, 2014 at 5:24 AM
Hey, I'd just like to say this emulator is awesome. So far it has been the most hassle free smooth experience I've had for Ps1 emulation.

But I'm trying to figure out something and so far I've not had any success.

Basically I have PAL games that need to run at 50fps and NTSC games that need to run at 60fps.

I can manually set a frame-limit of 50 and 60 respectively and that works great.

If I turn on Auto frame-limit the games run at 49fps and 59fps, which would be fine if it didn’t mess up audio completely.

The problem is I’m trying to get these games started up through a frontend so I can’t manually change the frame limit each time I want to play a different game.

So far I’ve tried launching PCSXR with a different CFG pointing to a different plugin folder, but it’ doesn’t use the plugin’s config in the different folder, only the plugin itself. It reads the original location one.

I've also tried renaming the plugin hoping I could have 2 of the same, but the links internally must point to the same CFG everytime.

I also can't use a different but similar plugin entirely because my PCSXR is 64bit compiled so not other plugins work.

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could help me with this situation, and find a solution.

If someone knows a way to have multiple CFGs for a plugin working that would be great
Maybe a way I can change the auto-frame-limiter to 50 fps and 60 fps instead of 49 and 59.
A way to fix audio at these odd fps limits, I sure can't find one after ticking and unticking every setting I can see.

My PC can handle it, as I’ve played plenty of games perfectly with a manual limit set.

Thank's for your time.