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Xbox controller

Jan 3, 2014 at 12:14 AM
Hi, Thanks for keeping up the maintenance of this excellent software. I am using the Mac OS X version with an Xbox USB controller. Everything is great so far whilst I have a couple of requests:
  1. How about increasing the customization of the controller plugin. I have a spare "d-pad" control that I could use for saving "freezes", defreezing and browsing them. Then I wouldn't need to keep near the keyboard which is the only other method to save and load these freezes.
  2. I used to use a PSX emulator software called PsxEven, under windows, which was great. I used Pete's plugins mainly but any graphics plugin, if you check to show FPS onscreen, the last number in the line there, is the number of the 'freeze' snapshot presently referenced. With that onscreen you can keep a live check on which freeze you are using and manage them visually. The GPU plugins in PCSX reloaded (for Mac OS X at least) do not show a "live" FPS info line, it is fixed. How about making it live so we can use it as I just described.
Thanks again for updating this soft. I was looking for a PSX emu for Mac OS for ages and the old version of this with the fixed, non-customizable plugins was just too basic. Now it is rocking!