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Launching Issue

Apr 5, 2013 at 6:07 PM
Hi! I wanted to switch to the subversion of PCSX to check out those neet new features, especially thet fact that it can use OpenGL plugin.
But my enthusiasm was cut down when i tried opening it because an error box appeared telling me that it couldn't open because of a "problem" (with the traditional text of error when an app doesn't load). That doesn't give me any clue of why it ain't working.

The only thing i think that could be the problem is that i'm running on leopard 10.6.8..
But i looked in other thread to see if there was anything related to that and i couldn't find anything about that issue, exept in one thread almost similar to this one where someone claimed that this couldn't be the source of problems.

So i'm asking here, as a last hope :(