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network doesn't work

Mar 14, 2013 at 1:25 AM

I am using pcsxr-1.9.92 on a GNU/Linux operating system (built from source code).
My brother is using pcsxr-1.9.92 on a Windows operating system (the binary available on this web site).
I would like to play "Street Fighter Collection-CD1-PSX-NTSC-US" with him using network.

I am the server.
My brother is the client.

I set the port to 33306.
I unlock the 33306 TCP and UDP ports on my firewall (I know how to do because I have already done this for the kega fusion, gens and zsnes emulators).
My brother sets the port to 33306.
My brother enter my public IP addesss (I take the IP on

I start the server.
My brother starts the client.

  • I stay on the "Waiting for connection..." window
  • I see with the "nmap" utility that no ports are opened on "localhost"
  • I see that my brother using the "netSock Driver 0.2" network plugin whereas I am using the "Socket Driver 2.0.3"
The emulator doesn't support network ?
Have you any documentation about the network feature on pcsxr ?
Is there a binary version of my network plugin for Windows to give it to my brother ? (I think the problem is we don't have the same plugin)

Thank you.
Mar 22, 2013 at 10:02 PM
I just correct what I said in the previous post because I have done more tests today:
  • the emulator supports network (I have tested with 2 distinct computers on a GNU/Linux OS on a local area network)
  • I see with the "nmap" utility that ports are opened on "localhost":
    33306/tcp open unknown
    (in fact I have forgotten last time some options to "nmap" so that was why some open ports was hidden)
So the reason of the problem can be one of these:
  • I am unable to do a netplay because the Windows version can't communicate with the Linux version (not the same plugin ?)
  • I am unable to do a netplay because it works only on "localhost" and local area network
If you have any advice about this please reply ;)