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Controller Configuration

Jan 1, 2013 at 10:05 PM

Hello, I'm trying PCSX-Reloaded out to see if it will help while playing Chrono Cross. However, I cannot get my controller to configue. I am using a normal PS2 controller hooked up to the computer through a Super Joy Box 5 Pro adapter. I am able to configure the buttons correctly in epsxe.

What happens is this: I go to Configuration>Controllers. When I click on a button (L2) to map the controller's L2 to, "J1_AXIS6_MIN" comes up, even when I haven't pressed anything. If I try to map to a different button (any button), then "J0_AXIS0_MIN" comes up, and if I try the first (L2) again, then "J0_AXIS0_MIN" comes up.

It sounds kind of like how if you turn on your playstation with one of the joysticks canted, then your character will walk the way the stick was canted, even after moving him a different way.

Any ideas?