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PCSX R adding additional plugins

Dec 22, 2012 at 2:14 PM

Now PCSX R works good but it can be great. It's mainly the sound plugins I want to use as game music isnt great (it has a habit of playing randomly or not lopping so it plays the next levels music once the intended music is finished). When I download the plugins and unpack them in to the plugins folder of pcsx r the program does actually find them and I can even use them. the problem is I cant change the settings which is vital for applying the correct screen size, frame rate ect... I tap the little spanner on the right of the plugin details in the plugins and bios screen but it opens nothing. ( I left a pic of the screen In question to clarify what I mean)

Does anyone have any ideas what Im doing wrong. I've done a lot or searching and found very little help. Either dead links or as usual an expert explaining the solution in such a way that its impossible to understand.

The text I found on this link is about as close as I've got to an answer and I can't understand it. Heres the link the text is below in red .

When you're setting up your plugins, keep in mind there is a special thing you must do to get Pete's plugins to work correctly. You must place the plugins (the .so files) in the plugins directory, but you must place the binary configuration programs in the root emulator directory, with the emulator binary. Otherwise, the emulator cannot configure the plugins.

If you can help please be as detailed as you can. I've been using ubuntu for a few years but the moment words like binary, scripts and terminal are mentioned I become completely confused. Thanks four any help.

Specs are

samsung rv520 laptop
intel i3 processor 2.2ghz
ubuntu 12.04 lts

Feb 20, 2013 at 11:47 PM
afaik, in windows the configuration dialogue is within the plugin .dll file, as a function. in linux it's a separate binary just open it outside the emulator as any executable and see where it leaves the .ini file with the configuration.
see in your home folder ~/.pcsxr/plugins you should see the plugins symlinks (shortcuts in windows although not exactly the same) that point to the actual files in /usr/local/lib/games/psemu/ or without the local if you instaled the package instead of compiling from the source code.
you should see a lib<name of the plugin>.so and a cfg<name of the plugin> (without any extension) and if you already configured something a <name of the plugin>.cfg file too.

if you open the configuration utility (aka the one CFGblahblahblah file) it should open. In case it does not, open a terminal, CD to the plugin directory (the one in you home folder where the symlinks are) and execute the file there. If it has a missing library or something it should tell you in the terminal.

I assume you have some basic linux knowledge to find your way around else it would be hard to explain without a video.....