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Making a plugin to support the iCade 8-bitty controller

Nov 10, 2012 at 6:06 PM

I recently bought an iCade 8-bitty controller (ThinkGeek :: iCade 8-Bitty - Retro Wireless Game Controller for ...) and I am trying to get it to work for PCSX-R.  

The controller is essentially a bluetooth keyboard that sends letters when you press down and then again when you let the button go.  I tried setting up the keyboard mapping for DFInput to match the 'press down' key for the controller, but it is not working like I would expect.

Most of the key events are not actually making it to the emulator.  Another issue is key-repeat.  For things like the directional pad, I would need the key to repeat until the press-up key was sent.

So I understand why the directional pad is not working, but even normal key presses (like pressing the circle button in a game menu) only go through about 10% of the time.

Any advice on where to start for adapting DFInput to accept this kind of input?

Feb 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM
that's weird, if it's a bluetooth keyboard and it's recognized like one (check the device administrator) it's should work like one. Try it with word pad or something it it detects the key strokes properly if it works fine there it should work fine in the emulator.

Not sure but it could be a driver isue with the bluetooth dongle, it has happend to me in linux and my cellphone not wanting to connect or disconnection after some seconds.

If you know any programming language you could try to make an app to say when it receives a keyboard event or something, to see how it works, maybe it's a problem with the gamepad just sending a pulse instead of holding the key (that would be just stupid)