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adding plugins to pcsx-r svn

Jun 5, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Hello everyone, 
I am fairly new to the reloaded version of PCSX, but have used PCSX alot in the past.
I am running this under Ubuntu 12.04 32bit and am a big fan of your work, I do have one question however that was unanswered after a few hours of google/fourm searching...

I am about to deploy to Afghanistan and have been rebuilding and updating my emulator and game library for the long 7 months ahead, but one game I have been looking forward to, Valkyrie Profile, is having an issue.   for those familiar  with this game, once the opening scenes are over and you are about to be taken to earth, the game fades into black and either freezes or seg faults. (depending on either of the two included video plugins)    

Digging into various emu forums on the game itself seem to point to a problem with the sound plugin causing this issue, and the obvious solution being to try another plugin but so far I have been unsuccessful in doing so. 

I thought that I could drop the plugin file (.so) into the plugin folder found in /home/user/.pcsxr and the cnf file into the pcsxr folder's root and have it apear in the gui's menu but it does not.   Any help would be very appreciated  as my time is ticking and in a few days I will be without a viable connection to the internet. 


Thanks for your code, like I said, big fan of your work.