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Some Ideas

Jan 28, 2012 at 5:35 PM

Hi there thank you , for this excelent Emulator of PlayStation One . Okey my ideas for this are


1 - Gte Accuracy , should ne in "OPenGL Plugin" , for my dont have Effect if i Active , in Soul Reaver i cant see Souls

2 - Cheats , you can make some similar to "PEC Plugin" , i mean to "database" , and a "gamedetector" to choise the cheat i wanna Enable/Disable

3 - You can Make a Plugin SDL+OpenGL , with "Window Strecth" & "Windows Maximize" , if possible use filters like "super2xSai , HQ2X , and if possible some like "Use External High Res Textures" ???


4 - I think the users we need a some kind of especial "Config File" , for Games Like

Metal Gear Solid , Metal Gear Solid VR Missions , Valkyrie Profile , Wacky Races , Parasite Eve 2, Soul Reaver

Because , ever i upgrade the SVN version of "PCSXR" , i lost compatibility with some game , things like for Example :

Metal Gear : I lost Sound Compatibility , The Game Skip Frames (without have active that option , only with Frame Limit )

Valkeryrie Profile : The Voices Dont Work , and Sound Quality is Very Bad

Wacky Race : i cant Start the Game

Parasite Eve 2 : With the "CPU FiX" the game can be playbable

Soul Reaver : i cant see Souls ( i dont know if because i have a nvidia nforce 630a integrated video card )


I think , we need this things , i think with this , the user cant lost game compatibility because if all colaborate to make a database to improve compatibility and 100% works of Games.


Someone can make a "ROM" to test this Things inside the emulator ???

Thank you for readme

Mar 3, 2012 at 5:56 AM

1 and 3 (except for the external texture) are already done in the svn.

2 you can use the pec plugin in windows, others well...just copy and past the codes from the pec db and save them to a file, easy

4 depends on the developers,  but it's not like pcsx2 which has that for SPEED hacks, not specificaly for compatibility, plus the idea is one for all not one plus ver 9000 patched for all the games.

the ROM stuff is how it's always been, that's how you reverse engineer the psx and debug the emulator (AFAIK)