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Compile PCSXR for OpenElec problem

Dec 10, 2011 at 8:27 PM
Edited Dec 11, 2011 at 8:47 AM



I'm trying to compile pcsxr for OpenElec, a htpc multimedia xbmc based linux distribution. It is a very slimlined distribution of linux, optimized for xbmc.

I have been able to build pcsxr, I compiled depencies and all seems fine (x86 architecture)


When I launch pcsx, with only the -nogui parameter, I able to see the PSX bios screen, no problem at all.

But every time I try to launch a game (via ISO) -cdfile parameter, pcsx crash : 

pcsx.bin -nogui -cdfile /storage/emulators/pcsx/roms/xxxxxxxxx.img 

* Running PCSX Version 1.9 (Dec 10 2011). 

* Loading memory card /storage/.pcsx/memcards/ 

* Loading memory card /storage/.pcsx/memcards/ 

* Plugins loaded.

* Loaded CD Image: /storage/emulators/mame/roms/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.img[+cue][+sub]. 

* Track 01 (DATA) - Start 00:02:00, Length 68:03:03RGB not found.  Using YUV. 

* CD-ROM Label: SLES_xxxxxx

* CD-ROM ID: SLESxxxxxx

Segmentation fault


When I make a dmesg I only see this message :

[ 7216.760731] pcsx.bin[2677] general protection ip:805f8f3 sp:bfb035ac error:0 in pcsx.bin[8048000+93000]


From here I don't know how to find the problem.


Any help ?