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emulator crash on Driver 1 game

Nov 23, 2011 at 5:47 AM

After i disqualified on the first stage of the game "Driver 1",

When i click on "Try Again" in order to replay the level, the emulator crashes and close (with and w/o psx bios).


Another problem is that some games doesn't work with "simulate bios" - for example:

1. Jackie Chan Stunt Master

2. Fighting Force 2

3. Ninja (from Eidos)

4. Red Asphalt - Rock N' Roll Racing 2

5. Tombal 1 and 2

6. Legend


Some games got sound problems when working on "simulate bios" - for example:

1. Agent Amstrong

2. Chris Kamara's Street Soccer

3. Space Jam


Hope this problem could be fixed in one of the next versions.

Anyway, great job, i realy like using PCSXR for my psx games.