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Some things with latest (11/11/11)

Nov 11, 2011 at 6:15 PM
Edited Nov 13, 2011 at 5:31 PM

Just compiled the latest build, not too long before fixing some of the crashing issues myself with the .diff files... Thank you everyone for providing support for this project  and continuing it :)


I've been using the latest Xcode and the latest version of OS X Lion, and things have been actually very smooth, especially since the crashes have been fixed upon closing a game. The only things I have been experiencing are some minor cosmetic issues with final fantasy games (using the OpenGL plugin because the other one doesn't display right), namely, menus and objects in FF7 and 9 (and probably 8, but haven't been able to test). The pointer in FF7 is invisible (or black, more like) and it makes it difficult to see, and the menus are drawn strangely. Also, many objects are drawn with a very slight green outline. In FF9, the menus are difficult to see, as they are a very light gray (won't change to blue either) and the text is difficult to read because of this (the menus are also drawn strangely). There is a hack to fix this I believe (I don't remember which, but none of the ones included work), but the battle initialization (the animation that shows that blends the background on the start of an encounter) does not show (sound plays, screen freezes until battle starts) without that specific hack. Otherwise, I have had absolutely no problems with transitioning between the game, battles, and movies; things work very well otherwise.


Not sure if this is me, but when I try to compile the Mac source code, I get five errors related to the plugins, something about it's not able to strip the files or something, so I can't straight up archive it. I haven't really looked into it, but I just end up using the resulting app in the derived data debug folder. I am guessing this is an Xcode / OSX thing (If you couldn't tell, I'm a newb on this stuff, I've just begun using Xcode and learning C++ this summer! =] )


Thanks again, and I apologize if this isn't really a place to post about game specific problems. 


UPDATE: The newest one seems to fix the issues I was having with the SoftGL plugin, thanks! The OpenGL plugin still has the same issues as above, however. Also, I cannot get Crash Team Racing to work... does not matter what disk/ISO i use (i have used different ones with same issue), I cannot get past the beginning screen, and it's like it plays every single audio track on the disk image while at that screen. I've tried different combos in the plugins settings (SPU hack enable/disable, same with audio), to no avail.