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Multiple Versions of PCSX-R SVN (Linux)

Sep 28, 2011 at 12:39 AM

I got another question , i can make a pre-compiled , using "prefix" , inside the "$USER" , with any username , to it work , for example, if i wanna mutliple versions of "pcsx-r" svn .

1 - For Soul Reaver
2 - For Metal Gear Solid
3 - For Valkeryie Profile

This 3 Games , have a some problems with emulation ,depends on the SVN version i use to emulated . in that case i wanna for example in

For Soul Reaver : /home/inukaze/.pcsxr/version/svn/68249

For Metal Gear : /home/guess/.pcsxr/svn/version/svn/68249

For Valkeryie Profile : /home/someone/.pcsxr/svn/verson/67822

For example , this versions works best for my machine , but i dont wanna to be in a "SPECIFIC" user Prefix , i need a use the varible of terminal $USER , because if i wanna share a "pre-compiled" version with another linux users , to be tested :=) .

Someone can explainme if this its possible ???

I wanna add "ps1" like a file  extension in "Open Dialog" , because i rename my backup games , to "ps1".

Sep 28, 2011 at 1:28 AM
Edited Sep 28, 2011 at 6:26 AM

Option 1 ( in Linux Terminal ) For Example :

autoreconf -f -i && ./configure --enable-opengl --enable-dependency-tracking --bindir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/bin --sbindir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/sbin --libexecdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/libexec --sysconfdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/sysconfig --sharedstatedir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/sharedstate --localstatedir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/localstate --libdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/lib --includedir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/include --oldincludedir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/oldinclude --datarootdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/dataroot --datadir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/data --infodir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/info --localedir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/locale --mandir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ --docdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ --htmldir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ --dvidir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ --pdfdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ --psdir=/home/$USERNAME/.pcsxr/svn/version/$PCSXRSVN/ && make all && make install && make install


But , i dont think this work for another user :S in another distro :S