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PCSX-R and PCLinuxOS

Sep 16, 2011 at 1:20 AM

I writing you to ask you for some help. I'm trying to run pcsx reloaded in the PCLinuxOS distribution and I'm having some problems. I didn't make the package, but I'm having contact with one of the packagers of the PCLinuxOS distribution.

He made a preliminary package for me, to test it, from the specifications given from the developers. The program starts, but when I'm trying to run an iso file, it always asks for the folder where the plugins are located.

The strange point is that I've have installed this emulator on LinuxMint 10 (Julia) some months ago (In February) and It ran flawlessly out of the box. I only had to add the bios and always worked very, very well.

Can you please help us in trying to run your emulator in PCLinuxOS?

All the best.