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Switch discs in game

Jul 6, 2011 at 3:10 AM

I am playing Parasite Eve, a two disc game originally, but through disc images. When I get to the point in the game where I'm supposed to switch discs, since I see no menu options while playing, I pause the game (or press the escape key). Then I open the image of the second disc, but it starts it over again as if I just pressed reset with the second disc in. I only did this once, and will likely try again tomorrow after searching for a post somewhere about hot keys to switch disc images in-game; I shall report any variations in the results here. This was after a grueling boss fight so I'm not anxious to repeat it at the moment.

Both of these discs are *.bin files, which I've not had a problem with using for single disc games. I am on a Linux machine, more specifically running Ubuntu 11.04, though not fully up to date (I just corrected an error that was preventing updates after experiencing the above issue, now updating for tomorrow's test).