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XVideo or GXVideo plugin?

Jan 29, 2011 at 5:46 PM

Hello. I use ArchLinux and pcsxr from svn.

And I totally can't understand the point in having two similar(?) plugins: XVideo and GXVideo. I've grepped through the svn log and learnt, that GXVideo is a fork of something mystical, called dfvideo. I don't even have such thing (is it win32 only?). As there are no manuals or guides or even descriptions of those two video plugins, I ask someone to elaborate on that a little. What pros and cons do they have?

Also, I build with sdl sound output (which is the default). Yet there is alsa output available to be built. Let me guess, alsa is more simple and direct, and sdl is more sophisticated and allows effects or filters? It was a wild guess, anyway, for there are no descriptions at all :(

Thank you.

PS: this CodePlex thing is rather disgusting. Eventually I couldn't manage to insert a text from clipboard into this form! It can be, it is my webkit based browser to blame, but it's really theeee first time I stumble upon such behaviour.

Jan 30, 2011 at 3:33 AM
Edited Jan 30, 2011 at 3:34 AM

dfxvideo is the original pcsx-df xvideo plugin (with minor fixes/improvements).
gxvideo is a rewritten and cleaned up version by gschwind.

the alsa backend does not work well with some recent distros (which usually use pulseaudio). SDL is supposed to be less troublesome, however someone reported that SDL also caused trouble for him so I kept the native backends.

PS: yeah codeplex indeed sucks and using it in first place was a wrong decision ;)

Jan 30, 2011 at 12:07 PM

My experiments showed me, that GXVideo is visually faster (less screen tearing when moving). Unfortunately, that mode has one heavy glitch: bright colours are distorted (i.e. they are not solid, where they should be). Similar effect can be achieved by converting an image with bright coloured text (bright red) to jpg 80% quality or less. Result: one heavy glitch.

What about XVideo: it doesn't have heavy glitches for me. Yet it does have small ones, like more intense screen tearing and in-game text with aliased edges. Result: two medium glitches.

I was comparing screen-to-screen with pSX emulator. And apart from aforementioned glitches, I could achieve something like 95% of visual compliance with both XVideo (2xSai stretch mode and dithering) and GXVideo (with dithering).

pSX (for me) doesn't have screen tearing at all, and in-game text is almost without aliased edges. However, it uses my GPU more intensely for the same purposes/games (GPU temp is higher). Anyway, I don't feel like using an abandoned closed-source project.

What about opengl, it's too glitchy for me to use. In FFVII characters and creatures look a lot nicer, really, a lot. But, the rest is either glitchy or ugly: some objects have odd greenish or yellowish lines as edges, screen tears a lot, sound slowdowns here and there, you name it.

I hope, my experience helps somebody. My specs and OS are:

Intel GMA 4500MHD


pcsxr from svn