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Enhanced Graphics Plug-ins/Shaders for Mac PCSX?

Jun 9, 2010 at 9:57 PM

I was just wondering if their are currently any plans to create Mac compatible plug-ins such as Pete's Graphics plug-in for the Mac version of PCSX.


I understand Macs are built on a different architecture and handle graphics in a different way than a PC does, hence why Pete's will not work on a Mac, but from my experience with PCSX under wine, the graphics can be greatly enhanced and I know many Mac users would enjoy these enhancements.

I also understand the goal of the developers is likely to focus on stability and compatibility, but was just curious to know if there are any plans to implement these features in the Mac version in the future (wish I could do it myself, but I really do not know much about programming, so I'm just a curious party haha).

Either way thanks for all the hard work and for providing such a wonderful emulator!