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PCSX-R Mac Intel gameshark?

Mar 10, 2010 at 5:12 AM

So PCSX-Reloaded has been an absolute blast setting up, learning how to compile code, managing plugins, and hacking save states.  I have been save state hacking (by ARDUOUS TRIAL AND ERROR FOR HOURS in hex editor) the crap out of my FF7 stuff with some seriously awesome things going on.  That being said, however, I've done some Google searches with limited results for my question.  I know a plugin, I believe it was PEC, exists for Windows ports but to my knowledge nothing exists for Intel Macs.  Is there a possibility this can be implemented sometime in the future or is there another solution I have managed to overlook?  As nice as it'd be to have (ease of getting infinite limit breaks without having to find this stuff in hex >_<) I do understand that you are a real person with priorities, you got this port working on my comp and that's worthy of an A++++ in my book.  Thanks in advance for a response or even a read-through, hehe.